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Gigawatt LS-1 MK3+

Id: 1002263
Kr 18 499
GigaWatt LS-1 MK3+ is modified version of power cable, originated from reference cable series – LS. A new, loss-free passive filter was used in “plus” version.

The priority of series LS project was to obtain an uncompromised product, regardless of the production costs connected with used components and assembly. LS-1 and LS-2 MK3+ cables reflect permanent technological progress of the GigaWatt company. They are a result of long-term experience and research, supported by strict measurements and hearing tests. The unique feature of LS-1 MK3+ is the fact that no ready-made components were used in production process. The elements used in cable construction are subassemblies projected and produced of our own, or manufactured by our cooperates according to precise GigaWatt specification. Cable assembly is entirely hand-made. Creating one piece of cable takes many hours of the specialist’s work and all stages of the production process take place under strict supervision providing best product quality and repeatability of subsequent items.

Draft strands of the cable are constructed of seven-solid-conductors cluster, 16 AWG each conductor. Made of the silver plated oxygen free copper, isolated with FEP Teflon, they create massive clusters of very low impedance. Twisted in parallel conductors ensure significant cable inductance reduction, maintaining favourable quite high self-inductance. The whole construction is covered with tight copper shield, protecting from EMI and RFI noises. Much importance in the cable construction was attached to the reduction of oscillation caused by electromagnetic field inducted around conductors. Draft strands are surrounded with multilayer material suppressing undesirable oscillation. The cable is additionally protected from the outside with plastic braid and antistatic screen, which prevents static charges accumulation and protects against mechanical failure.

Especially dedicated for LS-1 MK3+, a new loss-free passive filter of nano-crystal alloys was worked out. It is being assembled in a preciously selected spot in a cable and constitutes additional protection against parasitic noises and oscillations on the cable output. It is also noteworthy that the cable is ended with high quality, company power plug. They are characterized by resistant construction ensuring high durability and reliability. Their solid connectors are made of compact brass covered with rhodium, which guarantees low crossing impedance and larger amount of connecting cycles with no parameters loss . Connectors were additionally subject to cryogenic treatment and de-magnetization. All conductors are connected with no use of tin, and plug connections are bolted, which minimizes plug impedance and guarantees reliability.

LS-1 MK3+ is recommended particularly for powering of high power consumption appliances, although will successfully power reference audio and video sources too. The cable is also available in high power version as LS-1HC MK3+, being an optional equipment for the top GigaWatt PC-4 EVO+ power conditioner.
Available cable types: EU (Schuko), US (Nema 5-20R), AU (AS/NZS 3112) / IEC C15, IEC C19, powerCON 32A
Line voltage: 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Maximum load (continuous): 16 A
Gross weight: 1,55 kg
Lengths: 1.5 m standard, 2m/2,5m/3m or more by request

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