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LM Audio

Hifi Advice har gjort en grundig test av 5 ulike LM Audio forsterkere

Hifi Advice har gjort en skikkelig grundig og god test av 5 ulike LM Audio forsterkere.

Testen kan leses her: 

Det er disse modellene som er testet:

LM Audio 88IA

LM Audio 150IA

LM Audio 805IA

LM Audio 845IA

LM Audio 845 Premium


Konklusjonen i testen:

All these Line Magnetic amps have their particular traits but they have some things in common: they are all refined, lively and richly textured, and all of them immediately invoke emotional involvement. Each of the amps performs superbly, especially given their price range. The bass lover in me has a mild preference for the LM-88IA and LM-150IA, the latter being particularly exquisite with the Apogee Duettas but overall, given a pair of speakers with sufficient sensitivity, I prefer the SET amps for their immensely pure and convincingly “live” character. These amps are just the best recipe to invoke goosebumps if speakers of high enough sensitivity are used.

The 845 Premium, finally, is so well-balanced, so pure, so rich in texture, so room-filling and so utterly emotionally engaging as well as superbly transparent, neutral and natural that it will spoil a person for lesser designs.