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Gigawatt LC-1 MK3+

Id: 1002266
Kr 1 899
LC-1 MK3+ is the basic power cord in the catalog, designed to power Hi-Fi audio and video systems. This cable is also the standard equipment of GigaWatt power strips and power conditioners.

In the improved construction of the cable we used a new conductor with high conductance and a new isolator. Lossless flow of energy is made possible by the strands of the cable made up from four solid core conductors with 1,5 mm2 cross-section.

Those are made from 99,997% pure copper (OFHC C10100), additionally subdued to an annealing process, which allows them to gain uniform structure and better conductance.

The isolation of the conductors is made from elastic polyethylene with lowered dielectric constant. The external sheath is made from soft PVC, which allows for increased flexibility of the cable. Another protection is given by the graphite, plastic braid, wear resistant.

The construction of the cable guarantees a steady, unthrottled current flow and does not allow any interference to appear at the output end. The very low resistance of the cable, resulting from high cross-section and the way they are connected to the plugs, allows for a gigantic power reserve. On the other hand, its comparably high intrinsic capacitance, which is caused by the cable geometry and the characteristics of the dielectric, stands in for great filtering and damping capabilities for a wide range of interference. The wires of the cable are protected by a static shield, made from laminated aluminum foil with an internal, copper flow wire. The tight construction of the shield covers 100% of the surface of the cable, perfectly protecting against all kinds of external interference. In addition the shield prevents the appearance and spread of internal interferences as well as returns parasitic currents to the ground wire. In the construction of the cable a lot of attention was devoted to the reduction of the vibration created by the electromagnetic field induced around the conductors. All parallel twisted wires and the shield are covered with elastic material damping the unwanted vibration.

The cable is equipped with high quality plugs with high connection surface, which allows for steady current flow from the power grid. The contacts of both plugs were de-magnetized. All conductors are connected without the use of solder, and the connections to the plugs are bolted, what guarantees high reliability and optimal functionality.

The LC-1 MK3+ is a power cord, which great capabilities bring an immediate, and clearly noticeable, improvement of the sound and picture reproduction in audio and video devices. The universality of application, musicality and quality of sound combined with attractive pricing are the undeniable assets of this cable.
Available cable types: EU (Schuko), US (Nema 5-20R), AU (AS/NZS 3112) / IEC C15, IEC C19, powerCON 32A
Line voltage: 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Maximum load (continuous): 16 A
Gross weight: 0,45 kg
Lengths: 1.5 m standard, 1m/2m/2,5m/3m or more by request

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