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Exposure 5010 PRE

Id: 1003278
Kr 30 000
Forforsterker i Exposure sin 5010 serie. Meget vellydende forforsterker med varm og musikalsk lyd.

- Large custom made toroidal power transformer and multiple smoothing capacitors for power supply
- Option to fit a MC or MM phono module OR plug in DAC option
- 6 line inputs or 5 plus optional phono card, 2 main out (RCA), 1 XLR main out and 1 tape output
- High quality relays used for input source selection
- Full remote control of input selector, volume and mute
- Audio output stages utilising discrete transistor class A output buffer
- Balanced pre amp output, DC coupled
- High quality all aluminium case work
- Remote control
- Three year guarantee
- Available in black or titanium
Gain (at 1KHz) : +9dB unbalanced output, +15dB balanced output
Sensitivity : 500mV
Maximum Output : >9V RMS unbalanced
Frequency Response : -3dB at 1Hz and 57KHz, ref 1KHz, max volume
Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.005% at 1.6V RMS output, 1KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio : >98dB, A weighted, ref 1.6V RMS output, 1KHz
Channel Separation : >60dB 20Hz to 20Khz (Typically >85dB at 1KHz)
Outputs : 2 pairs RCA, pre amp output, 1 pair for tape output
Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
Power Consumption : <25W
Dimensions - H x W x D : 90mm x 440mm x 300mm (inc knob)
Nett Weight (unpacked) : 6kg
Gross Weight (packed) : 8kg