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PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp

Id: 1003508
Kr 34 000

PS Audio’s first product was a phono preamplifier that took the Hi-Fi world by storm in 1975. Its designers, Paul and Stan, labored for years over every circuit detail with one goal in mind—making musical magic. Stellar Phono shares that same ethos.

Based on a unique all discrete FET topology, Stellar Phono stands out in a crowded field of conventional IC designs. Its sound is rich, warm and enticing as only vinyl through hand-tuned class-A circuitry can be.

Stellar Phono is a triumph of performance and value that you’ll instantly recognize from that first needle drop, as music emerges from a velvet blackness, filling the room as if there were no speakers.

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Innganger: MM og MC (RCA - Ubalansert)
Utganger: RCA/ubalansert) og XLR (balansert)
DC trigger: Ja
Gain MM: 44db, 50db, 56db
Gain MC: 60db, 66db, 72db
Input load MM: 47kohm
Input load MC: 60ohm, 100ohm, 200ohm, 47kohm, custom 1-1kohm
Utgangsimpedans: <200ohm
Frekvensrespons: 20hz-20khz +/- 0,25db
THD 0,5v out: <0,01%
Dimensjoner: 43x33x8,25cm (BxDxH)
Vekt: 9,8kg